Understanding Closing Costs


Whether you’re just starting to consider your first time home purchase, or you are ready to get connected with a lender to discuss on your home loan, we want to be there to support you on your home buying journey. The process itself can be very overwhelming when just considering the financial commitment but the… [Read More]

Investor Loans


Are you an investor thinking about a new project but aren’t quite sure where to find the funding? Or maybe you’re an experienced investor but you haven’t worked on a project in some time? KC Investor Funding in Kansas and Missouri can help you figure out the best options for your project and answer any questions… [Read More]

Bank Statement Mortgage Loans


Purchasing a home generally starts with researching funding in most cases. If you are looking for funding as an investor, you may have already discovered bank statement mortgage loans, but they are not as popular with first time buyers or people looking to purchase a home for themselves, although they can be used for that… [Read More]

Mortgage Loans for Self-Employed Buyers


Are you self-employed? Are you self-employed and considering purchasing a home? Do you think it might not be possible for you? Being self-employed does not mean you are unable to qualify to purchase a home. We can assist with getting you all the information needed to get you qualified for a mortgage and answer any… [Read More]

Purchasing a Rental Property


Are you an investor considering purchasing a rental property but unsure where to start? Or have you done your research and realize that it takes a quite a bit of money to begin? We know that rental loan programs may not be easy to find, but we have the ability to work with you on… [Read More]

Commercial Refinancing


The first thing you’ll want to know when it comes to commercial refinancing is what exactly is a commercial loan. Commercial loans are generally short term loans that are used to purchase larger properties like  multi-unit properties. They have a higher limit than a home loan because they usually costs quite a bit more to… [Read More]

Commercial Bridge Loans


When it comes to commercial purchases, the rules differ a bit from residential purchases but it’s still important to research and compare your options just the same. We would like to assist you in figuring out just what you need to get started on your commercial loan at KC Investor Funding in Kansas and Missouri. Commercial… [Read More]

Commercial Purchase Loans


Buying any type of property whether it be residential, commercial or even land is a big decision and most do a fair amount of research before moving forward with securing financing. If you have ever purchased property, you are well aware of the ups and downs of the process. If you happen to be a… [Read More]

Making Use of Short Term Bridge Loans


A bridge loan is a loan used for a short period of time while a person or company secures long term financing. They are typically used when a buyer needs cash immediately and does not have time to go through the traditional loan process. They usually have higher interest than a traditional loan and are… [Read More]

What are Construction Loans?


Construction loans are not something that everyone is familiar with especially if they are a first time home buyer, but it’s good to explore all lending options when you are planning to purchase property or land. Constructions loans are great option for those that live in an area where land is available for purchase or… [Read More]