FHA Loans


Buying a home for the first time can be extremely exciting, but that doesn’t mean other emotions  don’t come along with that excitement. The journey to buying a new home can come with lots of ups and downs, but we want to be the team to help you make the best decisions for you along… [Read More]

VA Loans


Are you in the market to buy a home and happen to be a member of the armed forces? Or maybe you have a spouse that was enlisted and are thinking about buying a home? Members who have served in the military or armed forces can be eligible for a VA loan to help them… [Read More]

Jumbo Loans


Determining the best option for financing can be a long process if you are unsure of the available options or just new to the process. There are some options that are more popular than others so they are more well-known but one of the lesser known options are jumbo loans. A jumbo loan is a… [Read More]

Understanding Closing Costs


Buying a home is a big decision anyway you look at it, but if you are unfamiliar with the lending process or terminology, it can be even more intimidating. Whether you’re just starting to consider your first time home purchase, or you are ready to get connected with a lender to get started on your… [Read More]

Portfolio Loans


The first place most people start when buying a home is securing funds. If you happen to be a cash buyer, you may not be familiar with the many types of loans available, but it’s always a good idea to do your research as they could be a better financial decision for you. There are… [Read More]

USDA Loans


Are you in the process of buying a home but just not sure how you plan to get funding? Or maybe you’re a first time home buyer looking for potential options to purchase without a significant down payment? Maybe a USDA loan is the right choice for you to fund the purchase of your new… [Read More]

FHA 203K Loans


In the world of investments, it’s important to consider all options when it comes to funding as that is how you are going to make a good return on your purchase. Cash is always a good way to get a good deal and helps provide negotiating power, but in the case that cash is not… [Read More]

Understanding Closing Costs


Whether you’re just starting to consider your first time home purchase, or you are ready to get connected with a lender to discuss on your home loan, we want to be there to support you on your home buying journey. The process itself can be very overwhelming when just considering the financial commitment but the… [Read More]

Investor Loans


Are you an investor thinking about a new project but aren’t quite sure where to find the funding? Or maybe you’re an experienced investor but you haven’t worked on a project in some time? KC Investor Funding in Kansas and Missouri can help you figure out the best options for your project and answer any questions… [Read More]

Bank Statement Mortgage Loans


Purchasing a home generally starts with researching funding in most cases. If you are looking for funding as an investor, you may have already discovered bank statement mortgage loans, but they are not as popular with first time buyers or people looking to purchase a home for themselves, although they can be used for that… [Read More]