Residential Fix/Flip, Fix/Rent, Rental Checklist

Pre-Approval Items Needed:

  • Intake Form
  • 1003 Application (completed fully and signed)
  • List of Real Estate Experience (Fix/Flips completed, Rentals)
  • 1 Month Bank Statement/Proof of Liquidity, HELOC, line of credit, etc
  • Tri-Merge Credit Report w/Scores ( is $1 trial)

Items Needed Once Property is Under Contract:

  • Purchase Contract w/Addendums or Amendments or Purchase Settlement Statement if a Refinance
  • Scope of Work (Be as Detailed as possible and sign)
  • Entity Documents (Articles of Organization, Operating Agreement, & Certificate of Good Standing for State of Organization, Certificate of Good Standing for State of where property is located)
  • Photo ID
  • Insurance Coverage (Certificate of Coverage and Proof of Payment)
  • Subject to Appraisal (KCIF Orders it, Borrower Pays, $ varies per area)