Commercial Bridge Loans

When it comes to commercial purchases, the rules differ a bit from residential purchases but it’s still important to research and compare your options just the same. We would like to assist you in figuring out just what you need to get started on your commercial loan at KC Investor Funding in Kansas and Missouri.

Commercial bridge loans are a great solution for a number of financing needs and we can assist you with getting started on the process. We can provide flexible arrangements that are needed for a short term loan to help bridge the gap when one loan ends. They can also be used when a business owner is unable to secure permanent financing , but has a potential project that needs financing.

What Are They Used For?

Commercial bridge loans are useful for short term scenarios when the funds are needed to purchase property quickly. Sometimes the funds are needed because an opportunity is time sensitive, and you don’t want to miss out on it when you are waiting for funds to come through from another source so a bridge loan might be an option for you if you are in this type of scenario.

Securing long term financing can typically take quite some time to secure and the steps needed to be qualified more difficult than you will find with a bridge loan. Often times a bridge loan can be used while completing the process to secure a term loan. Commercial bridge loans can be for a few months or extend up to a year. The best thing about commercial bridge loans is they can be customized to suit your individual situation as we know that all businesses have different needs especially if it’s early on in the growth process.

When you are working with a smaller company versus a large bank, we can review your situation thoroughly and not base the approval on the numbers alone. The actual endeavor and how the funds will be used is just as important when we are discussing your commercial bridge loan. Commercial bridge loans are useful for renovations and repairs on commercial buildings like apartment buildings or small businesses.

The Finer Details

Most commercial bridge loans do have a limit as they are short term so that is something you should consider when determining the financing for your overall project if you are going to seek funding outside of the bridge loan. Once you have secured the property, we can also assist with getting you long term funds with one of our private lenders as we have developed many relationships over the years.

Reach Out Today!

Commercial bridge loans are used in specific scenarios and we understand that not every situation is the same, but that is why working with us to discuss those details is a great option if you are considering getting into purchasing commercial property. If you already own a property, and are considering an upgrade, we can assist with that too. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at KC Investor Funding in Kansas and Missouri today!

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