Why Hard Money Lenders of Kansas City

2024195_1So, why use Hard Money Lenders of Kansas City for your hard money lending needs? Well, there are a number of reasons. First, we are experienced real estate investors, so if you are relatively new to the industry and still “learning as you go,” our expertise will help you avoid some costly mistakes. When we provide funding for our clients, we consider ourselves business partners with you and your best interest is top priority. We’re very thorough when we underwrite the viability of a deal, and if it doesn’t look like a potential win for you, we’re going to let you know, and ultimately save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Secondly, our hard money loan approval process is very fast, and we can usually underwrite, approve, and fund a transaction in 7 to 10 days. Additionally, because of how we’re able to structure the loans for our borrowers, we’re able to lend more on a real estate transaction than what your local bank can typically do. For example, while a bank may lend 80% of the purchase price, leaving you to make a 20% down payment and pay 100% of the rehab costs, our borrowers are likely to only be out of pocket 10% or less of the entire cost of the project (purchase price + rehab costs). Also, it almost goes without saying, but if you compared our financing to paying cash, you’re able to do more transactions faster with Hard Money Lenders, because your cash can leverage more capital through us to fund more deals, while paying cash not only limits the amount of deals you can do, but you are also taking on 100% of the risk. Once you do your first hard money loan with Hard Money Lenders of KC, there is no question you will see why we are considered one of the top money lenders in Kansas City MO & nationally, and you will want to use us to fund all of your future deals as well.